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Texas Sandfest

APRIL 12-14, 2023

The first Texas Sandfest began in 1997. A few years later, the event had developed into a 3-day festival. Dee McElroy, who had experience as a contestant at sand sculpting festivals, joined the team. She recognized that if the event was to grow, it needed to be under the umbrella of a nonprofit organization. She brought the idea to the Port Aransas Community Theater (PACT) board of directors; she suggested that they conduct Texas SandFest business under the 501(c)3 umbrella of the theater and make it a fundraiser for the theater. PACT would receive all profits for each year’s event.

It was decided to always schedule the festival in a shoulder tourist season, meaning when very few tourists were in town. SandFest dates would be selected by the predicted tide charts, using the lowest tides as the scheduled dates.

As the event progressed, it brought thousands of people to the island — filling rooms and providing business for restaurants, shops and local merchants. Sandfest continues to be a staple for yearly visitors to envelop themselves in the island culture. Be sure to visit the Sandfest website for more information and scheduled dates.
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